English Language

housing for two months with a host family will allow the player an opportunity to learn the English language better and give them a better chance for a sports scholarship in the United States.

Community Projects

The players will have the opportunity to participate in community and social projects in churches or schools with the purpose of sharing with the entire sabetha community and each of their fans.


Mid plains league is considered one of the best summer leagues in the United States, the players will have the opportunity to be observed by colleges and Kansas Collegiate coaches. There is an opportunity for sports scholarship offers. Those are based off performance on the baseball field, fluency of the English Language, behavior, and visa status.

Season 2019

The Mid-Plains League is a collegiate summer baseball league comprising teams of the top college players from North America and beyond. Teams are run similarly to a professional minor league team, providing players an opportunity to play under the same conditions, using wooden bats and NCAA specification baseballs.

Teams play 36 games scheduled over a 44-day season running from early June to mid-July. The winner of the postseason playoffs will be named the Mid-Plains League champion and claim the Brett Cowdin Memorial Cup.

Sabetha Pool

sabetha has two lakes and a beautiful state of the art pool where you will find families and children enjoying. You will have the opportunity to also enjoy during your rest time.

Sabetha community

Sabetha has a very good community, it should be noted that most players come from Latin America and Europe, which makes a great experience for them and for families, to know new cultures and languages at the same time as they play for the league championship.

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